my dad’s house, part two: the garden tour

After yesterday’s post, I thought it might be fun to take you on a tour of my dad’s garden. Well, the “stuff” in the garden. Because, as he says, it’s all about the details – the unexpected points of interest – things that grab your eye no matter where you look. And these are some points of interest, all right.

Ready? Here goes.

{image descriptions will be embedded in the text as we go. Some of the more, um, interesting pieces sort of defy description.}


A stone tortoise sits next to a lantern on the patio. Although you can’t really see it from this angle, there’s a smaller tortoise behind this one, because, well, because.


An Edvard Munchian stone fish is in a silent scream one step down from the tortoise. No offense, Dad, but it’s kind of awful. And I love it.


A metal frog hidden in the foliage of the upper patio.


The view looking down to the right from the back door. Katie is lying in a chaise in Noe’s favorite spot in the shade.


The view straight ahead from the back door. The garage is on the left. Luau is relaxing next to the patio table. (I took this one later in the day, so the sun is gone. And he doesn’t know I took it, so don’t tell him, k?)


The once completely useless garage, now beautiful and utilitarian.


A closeup of one of the birdhouses on the garage. My dad replenishes the sticks periodically to create sturdy perches for winged visitors. Noelle loved keeping the neighborhood birds well-fed. They always knew where to come for a gourmet meal. (Still do.)


A wrought iron S hinge on a window shudder. No detail is overlooked. Ever.


The back forty. Or the far corner of the 1/16th of an acre garden. Your choice.


The view back up from the grass including the fountain, some stone fruit on a pedestal, as you do, and two storks in the trees. I thought they were herons. Clearly, if you’re looking for a wingman on a bird watch, I’m not your girl. See what I did there? Sorry.


A closeup of the fountain, just because. Isn’t that pretty?


Another bird house, nestled in a tree. I love this picture. Am I allowed to say that if I’m the one who took it? Screw it, I love this picture and I’m not afraid to say so.


A thermometer on the back gate.


A horny toad guarding the entrance to the patio.


A metal fish hanging by the back door. Obviously.


This thing.

I have no idea what it actually is, but I can’t get over thinking that it looks like Dobby the house elf catching rain on his tongue.

Dobby never meant to kill! Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure!


Seriously, when you look at these out of context they’re just weird. I mean, what the hell is this thing? I hate to belabor the Harry Potter references, but doesn’t it look like something Harry either fought off or befriended in some dark corner of Hogwarts?


Oh, look, a pretty flower.


Whatever, I tried.


Okay, this is good. A pretty, flower-shaped lamp. Who doesn’t like a pretty lamp?


Okay, this guy. I’m betting he doesn’t like lamps. Especially pretty, flower-shaped lamps.


A seriously cool flower in one of the planters. I think the Latin name for it is Flos Coolus Gravitas. You’re welcome.


Another one for the Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures. Winged foo-dog? No idea.


A stone horse’s head that Noelle loved. She and I agreed on almost everything.



A round stone finial on the patio. Brooke loves these.


The weather vane on the garage. It’s a horse, of course.


Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this. 


A hot pink lily along the driveway.


A closeup of one of Noelle’s planters. No two are even remotely alike, which makes them a lot of fun to explore.


My dad says this is a dog. Nod and smile, folks. If he says it’s a dog, it’s a dog. On some planet.

It’s okay, Dad. really.

Here, Fido. 


A pine cone?

A pineapple?

Something piney in front of deep purple hydrangeas.


A really creepy stone gargoyle. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to scare away, but if it’s 45 year-old mothers of two, it’s totally working.


A Buddha laughing under a tree.

I am so glad I got to type that.


A beautiful pink flower that I think is a kind of hydrangea. Or not.

I know, I’m awesome at this.

You’re still welcome.


A stone griffin.

Who looks a lot like this guy …


10 points to Gryffindor.


Hot pink hydrangeas.


And this.

The one that my dad moved the car for.

The one that Noelle described as,“Wow, that’s …. big.” Indeed.


And, finally, my dad’s favorite garden gnomes – Flash and Gordon.

They hope you liked the tour.

That’s not true. As a matter of fact, it’s a bald face lie. They couldn’t care less about you or whether or not you enjoyed the tour.

Unless you have beef jerky.

Then they might be willing to feign some interest.

Just keepin it real, kids. 

You’re welcome.

14 thoughts on “my dad’s house, part two: the garden tour

  1. Thank you for the tour…you can see and feel the love that went into creating this wonderful whimsical space…I could SO live in that garden gargoyles and all…because…well…I love gargoyles. (I think the one that sits just inside my glass front door glaring out the at visitors keeps solicitors away…and maybe small children looking to play with 12 year old Miss Skye Diva Dog. My story and I’m stickin’ to it.)

  2. I so enjoyed this post! Reminds me of some of the treasures my mom nestled in her yard before she passed away. Now we still get a good chuckle over many of them.

  3. You should know that the stone horse’s head kind of looks like Thumper if you look at it like it’s facing to the right.

  4. What a stunning garden! I have a new appreciation of yard art. The “kind of hydrangea” is a lacecap hydrangea. I’m Southern; we are expected to know our hydrangeas. 😉

  5. *grins* Gorgeous!

    I think the gargoylean (winged “ugly” creatures) statues are actually called “grotesques”. (Gargoyles were specifically drainspouts, from what I understand.) All sorts of neat little things around to catch your eye!

    And I agree with Brooke – those round finials must be cool.

    🙂 tagÂûght

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