AutCom – Christmas in September



{image is a photo of an extremely cool retro convertible packed with everything needed for a trip to the beach, including a dog. it’s what came up when I googled “car packed for a trip” I sort of love it. Note: Our car will look nothing like this.}

I. Am. So. Excited

Seriously. It’s like my birthday and Christmas and a super secret private sale at Neiman’s where everything is like free (and just for me) all rolled into one.

Why? Because we’re going to AutCom! I know, right?

I have no idea how I was not aware of all of this until this week but dear Lord, it’s like the best line up of speakers imaginable. Actually, that’s a lie. I know exactly how I didn’t know – it’s in September. You see, in the name of self-preservation, I simply refuse to schedule / do / commit to anything in September, so when anyone asked, “Are you going to AutCom in September?” all I heard was September and, before it consulted with me, my brain said, “No.”

But then I found out that it’s happening an hour from Boston.

And then I saw the program.

Ready for this?

These are just SOME of the presenters …

Lydia Brown

Ibby Grace

Emma and Ariane Zurcher-Long.

Corina Becker, Sharon daVanport, Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, and Heather Thomas

Kerima Çevik

Beth Ryan and Leah Kelley

Larry Bissonette

Tracy Thresher and Henry Frost

Mark Utter

Mike Hoover and Rob Cutler

Larry Bissonnette, Tracy Thresher,Pascal Cheng and Harvey Lavoy, III, 

Jenn Seybert and Jamie Burke

It’s like my blog roll (plus!) ALL IN ONE PLACE!

And it’s such a beautifully diverse group of people, so many of whom communicate in non traditional ways. Don’t believe me? Look em up. Each and every person’s names up there is a link.

My feet are bouncing as I type, people. Are you getting how awesome this is?

I mean, do you know how long I have been waiting to meet Ibby? I mean, Ibbbbbbyyyyyy!

And Morénike? You know how I feel about Morénike. To see her in the real live flesh??? Squeeeeee!

And the very idea of Emma and Brooke TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE – I just .. yeah. That.

And for years – YEARS – I’ve waited impatiently for my chance to see and meet Larry and Tracy.

All of the people on that list, every one of them – I just .. As soon as I saw it, I said, “Oh we are so totally doing this.”

When I called Luau to tell him about it, I wasn’t quite sure how I could make it work. I desperately want to introduce Brooke to these incredible people – her extended family, as it were – and yet I know that sitting though presentations is, to put it mildly, NOT her thing. Conferences? Even less her thing. I wanted her to be able to go and to meet everyone without feeling stuck if it was overwhelming or anything less than enjoyable.

“So I’ll come too and we’ll bring two cars.” 

That’s what Luau said. As though it was as simple as that.

Funny, it really is as simple as that.

He’ll hang out at the hotel for as long as she wants to stay. She’ll be able to pull the ripcord any time she wants. It’s not only simple, it’s perfect. And I love that my husband’s brain works that way.

Holy crap on toast, people. We’re going to AutCom!

Note: Thank you to Julie and Sparrow for gently knocking me over the head with this this week!

Other note: The ANC needs our help getting two more Autistic presenters to the conference. Click HERE to pitch in.

7 thoughts on “AutCom – Christmas in September

  1. That looks like the best conference ever! If it were only an hour away from my home, I’d be there in a heartbeat! Next year, can we bring it south? Say, Atlanta? If not, I’ll just have to save up for a trip. 🙂

  2. Yaaaaaay! Much better than Disney World! I’ll keep your family in my heart, as I do….. I KNOW it will be everything you wish it to be….

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