my special day


{image is a photo of blue, pink, and yellow streamers stretching across a doorway in my bedroom}

Last night, just before bed, Brooke announced that she was going to go up and get things ready for “Mama’s special day.”

Since my birthday is in August and Mother’s Day is in May and I really couldn’t think of anything about today that would make it my very own special day, I asked what that meant. She said it meant that it would be my special day. Because … right.

I asked what would happen on my special day. She said there would be decorations and presents and it would be for special day things.

When I heard banging and crashing in my room, I came running to the stairs to make sure everything was okay. She promised it was. I asked what she was doing.

“Putting up the special day streamers,” she said.

I panicked.

“Um, Brooke, honey?” I began. “Can we keep this to a minimum please?”

She looked crestfallen. I immediately felt terrible.

“I really, really love that you are doing this, baby,” I said. “I truly appreciate it. We just can’t go overboard on decorations okay?”

“I minimized it,” she said, using her new favorite word from school. “It was minimized. It’s a minimization.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Language. Glorious, glorious language.


{image is a photo of some very fancy blue streamer action festooning a window in my room}

I told her again how much I appreciated the celebration, whatever exactly it might be.

She ran off to her room “to get the presents ready.”

Later, as I kissed her goodnight, I asked her why she was doing all of this.

“Because we appreciate you,” she said.

The prosody of the sentence gave it away. It’s a script from something. If I had to put money on it, I’d guess Peppa Pig or Blue’s Clues.

That changes nothing.

It’s the script she chose to share. And to create a day around. And to decorate my room for.

That’s everything. It’s even worth ending a sentence (and sentence fragments) with prepositions for.

So I woke up this morning to streamers.

Because it’s my special day.

How about that?

3 thoughts on “my special day

  1. It’s a special day for Boots, un dia especial… let’s see what kind of things we can find for Boots! (That’s the script *I* bring to this one.)

    Yes, we appreciate you!!

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