of green hair and love 

As many of you know, we recently allowed Katie to dye the bottom of her hair royal blue and electric green. In fact, I did it for her. To be honest, while I think it looks pretty cool, it’ s really not my thing. But it’s her thing. So we made a rule that she to has enough natural colored hair that the bottom can be cut off if need be and we did it. (While I’m not entirely sure what that need would be at fourteen, it makes me feel better.)

This weekend, we went to my dad’s. I think you could say that the green hair isn’t really his thing either.


image is a photo of Katie taunting my dad with her neon green pony tail and him making what I can only think to call doody face. 

By a LOT …


image is a photo of my dad pointing at Katie’s hair and making the worst face EVER.

But what IS his thing …


{image is a photo of my dad kinda sorta smiling as Katie covers her face with her green ponytail}

By far more …


{image is a photo of both of them laughing}

… is the kid who happens to have green hair.


{image is a photo of the two of them very happy nuzzling, green hair and all.}

And THAT, with all due respect to the Hokey Pokey, is what it’s really all about. 

14 thoughts on “of green hair and love 

  1. May I ask what kind of dye you used and if you bleached it first? I’ve never gotten the “funky” colors to look that good in my dark hair!

    • We did bleach it first. That’s really the only way to get the color to even be truly visible. We used manic panic extreme. It’s a couple of dollars more but the extreme seems to hold a lot better than the regular. 😉

    • i called katie and told that my line was called comic genius. i told her that she was welcome to use it at her call back for the improv troupe today. she said, and i quote, “i’ll give you back to daddy now.”

      best part? he got back on the phone and said, i kid you not, “what was that all about?”

      ba dum bum

  2. This is so much fun to see! My daughter is 8 and I recently let her dye her hair with purple- the horror! I figured it will grow back and why not let her have fun now!

  3. Wow — very successful dye on dark hair. You and Katie should post more about your technique. And, Katie’s hair must be in great shape to look so shiny and electrifying after the bleach and color. I agree wholeheartedly that dying the ends of your hair green is something you should be allowed to do at fourteen, and, yes, with the caveat that if need be, that hair can be cut off. Hair grows back.

  4. It is smart leaving only bottom colored. Most schools where I live have in dress code, “hair must be a natural color”. It seems to get enforced only when a teacher complains to principal that hair is distraction. I personally think hair is never distraction to kids, after first minute they see it. Also, think kids can do whatever they and their parents agree too but schools out of no where have enforced rule. She looks so cute and your dad is a real gem.

    • I agree about the hair. It’s ridiculous that they have added that to the dress code (where I live, as well). It seems that many of the dress code rules are directed more at girls than boys, too. It’s also funny how many of the rules are only enforced when a teacher says something. A friend of mine, very modest, got called that her daughter, a bit of a big girl, needed new pants, because elastic waisted pants are now against the dress code. This girl only wears elastic waisted clothes. Her mom picked her up and got her into a Sunday dress, the only thing they had, only to be told that it was against the rules, too, because it was a sun dress (maxi length) worn over a polo shirt, so, even though her shoulders were covered, the dress itself was against the rules. Off the subject of hair, but shows the insanity of these ever changing dress codes. I don’t even remember any hair related rules when I was in school, and we had guys with long hair and neon colors – it was no big deal, like you said.

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