the perfect beach day

November 1st doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being beach weather here in New England. As a  matter of fact, it’s not beach weather at all. But as I wrote the other day, the perfect beach day isn’t always 85 and sunny.

Sometimes it’s in the 50s and overcast.

But the ocean comes to play just the same.

And the sand, uncluttered by summer crowds, stretches out for miles of unfettered, unrestrained, unadulterated freedom.

So we went. And we played. And we ran and we laughed and we breathed in the open air.

Katie asked for my camera first. I was reluctant to turn it over to her, but, God, so glad I did.

And then Brooke asked for a turn.

And in the end I got a glimpse of the world through my daughters’ eyes.

And my daughters through each other’s eyes.

And it was pure magic.


Brooke standing on the beach, by Katie


Katie, her arms outstretched, eyes closed, smiling, by Brooke


Brooke “zooming” in on Luau – she is holding my camera (which does have a zoom lens) about three inches from his face.


The resulting photo. Oy.


We even managed to take a goofy but kinda awesome family selfie. Or 3 and 3/4 of us did.

(Luau’s face is largely obscured behind Brooke which I swear is NOT why I love this picture.) It’s just, well, us.


Katie kept snapping. I love, love, love this photo of Brooke walking along the ridge. Simple, happy, real, HER.


And playing in a ravine in the sand.


She turned her camera on me and Luau. “Don’t pose,” she said. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I hugged him.

The dogs were not impressed.


And then she started with the, um, artistic shots. Like this one – of some dried seaweed, seagrass and a leaf or two next to a shoe print in the sand.


And the dogs’ paw prints.


And her footprints with a heart above them.

I kinda love that one.


And then she got all, “I’m an artiste, don’t question it,” and told Brooke to go stand “over there, no there, no right there, that way, yeah” and put her arms up to the sky which Brooke inexplicably did without protest and, well, yeah, it pretty much rocked.


I took the camera back while the girls played in the sand.

Katie invited Brooke onto her back to fly.


Which was great until the crash landing.


So they tried a new tack, with Brooke standing on Katie’s back.

I highly recommend enlarging this so you can see the expression on Katie’s face.

You’re welcome.


Somewhere in the middle of all of it, Brooke took another completely perfect picture of Katie, standing by the water, holding her hair up out of the wind.

I love, love, love this picture.



And then Katie was back at it, shooting our dogs, Winston …


… and Lucy.


Before hitting the sand again for some partner yoga.

The faces.

Oh, the faces.


With Katie still on all fours in the sand, Brooke climbed aboard and yelled, “Go, horsey, go!”

The horsey did not go.


And then there was this.

Katie said something to the effect of, “Let’s walk this way,” and Luau, being Luau, said, “Let’s walk THIS way,” and this way involved doing some sort of cowboy dance walk along the beach.


And that is what they did.

I’m so glad these are my people.

Fifties, overcast, first day of November.

The perfect beach day indeed.

Note: All pictures are shared with the generous permission of both the photographers and the photographed, as always.  


7 thoughts on “the perfect beach day

  1. Jess these are absolutely wonderful pix. I too love the beach in all kinds of weather. The best gift someone ever gave to Jeff was a camera for his graduation. It has been so fascinating seeing the world through his eyes. I love seeing what interests him. The girls are getting so grown up and of course beautiful!! xo

  2. I love love love these. But, because I remember an awful theft of your images earlier this year, and I know it’s a pain, but maybe you want to watermark them real quick? And also, maybe not allow people a way to download the hi res. With love… for your willingness to share and appreciation for your sense of privacy.

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