{image is a gorgeous photo of Emma Zurcher-Long, a beautiful 13 year-old girl, gleefully running through Central Park. The text reads, “Autism was not something parents wanted to hear. But I hope that will change when more people get to know someone like me.” Click on the photo to learn more about Emma’s project of love, #UnspokenDoc}

Many of you know how I feel about Emma (and her mom Ariane.) Emma is a beacon of light, leading us all toward a far greater, far deeper understanding of ourselves, of each other, of autism.

Two years ago, Emma found her voice through typing and she’s been working to change the world with her words ever since. Now, she’s taking her mission to film, not just starring in the telling of her own story, but co-directing it.

Emma and her production team need our help getting this incredible movie to the screen.

I know how easy it is to just keep reading, to make a thousand excuses why you can’t or won’t contribute, to rationalize why a million other things are more urgently in need of help than a movie. I would typically think the same.

But this isn’t just a movie. It’s the heart of a movement — a movement toward understanding, compassion, support, and an unwavering belief that every human being is richly, unconditionally worthy of all three.

Please help them get the movie to the screen. To schools, to homes, to hearts.

Emma’s story can change the future for our kids, for all of us.

Please give what you can and help spread the word.

Learn more HERE.

Contribute HERE.

Other ways to help spread the word:

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to join you.

Share the story among your friends, family, colleagues – any and all fans of social change and kids making a better world for each other. (And tag the following when you do: @unspokendoc, @emmashopebook, @genevapeschka, and @juliangeow.)



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