luau, you are their father

A note to my dad: Please don’t read this. It will ruin a Christmas surprise. Falalalalalala. 

Last night, we had Luau’s birthday party. It was, of course, a surprise because that’s what we do around here. We plan, and let the guest of honor know that we are planning, surprise parties. Hey, you do it your way; we’ll do it ours.

Brooke spent the afternoon taping streamers to anything that didn’t move and telling Luau that his surprise party was almost ready. He told her that he couldn’t wait.

As soon as we got home from dinner, Brooke told Luau that he needed to go straight to his room and we’d let him know when it was time to be surprised. He dutifully obliged and we went to work. When the time came, we called him down and hid behind the wall. When he was just a hair past us, we pounced. The best part was that he expected us to be in the kitchen, so we kinda startled him. Or, to put it another way, he was actually surprised at his surprise party.

First up was the cake. As many of you know, I had taken the day off of work to take Luau to see Star Wars. At 46 years-old, he was nearly vibrating in his seat before the show. He’d been anticipating it for months. It was ridiculously adorable. That said, we kinda decided to take the theme and run with it.

But before any of that, we had to play a game of Put the Bracelet on the Brooke. It’s kind of like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but a lot more fun.


{image is a photo of Brooke spinning Luau around with his eyes closed.}


{image is a photo of Luau, eyes still closed, trying to find Brooke’s arm with her bracelet.}


{image is a photo of Luau celebrating his success at putting the bracelet on the Brooke.}

Next up, the cake …


{image is a photo of Luau’s cake, from the center of which a 3D Darth Vader is emerging. The lettering reads, “Luau, you are our father. Happy 46th birthday.” I’m really kind of in love with this.}

47 candles make a hell of a flame. So do 41, which is how many we actually had.



{image is a photo of Katie bringing Luau’s cake out to him. It is essentially on fire.}

But not to worry; Brooke was there to supervise.


{image is a photo of Brooke standing by as Luau makes his wish. I hope he wished for cake so it would come true.}

Finally, it was time for presents. Brooke went first. And her gift to him was pretty much the most awesome thing ever. And I’m not telling you what it is yet because it was so awesome that, with Brooke’s permission, it’s going to be its own post. So you’ll just have to wait. But I can show you his reaction to it …


{image is a photo of Brooke hugging her dad who looks surprised, delighted, and a little misty-eyed after opening his gift.}

Yeah, it was pretty friggin awesome.

Next it was my turn. I’d gotten him one very small gift and one big one. But of course, I wasn’t going to make it easy on him, cause what’s fun about that? So I’d bought this awesome box, for a ludicrous product that isn’t actually a thing. Behold ..


{image is a photo of the front of the box that says it contains a Bathe & Brew: a shower head / coffee maker / soap dispenser.}


{image is the back of the box. It shows a coffee maker /shower head / soap dispenser and reads “Brew up some extra time, before work.” I can only assume that the random comma between time and before is part of the prank.}

This is what Luau looked like while staring at the box.


{image is a photo of Luau reading the side of the box while saying, “What the … ?”}

He tried so hard to be a good sport about getting a coffee maker / shower head / soap dispenser.


{image is a photo of Luau smiling warily at the box.}

I know this next one is fuzzy, but the “seriously?” face is too good.


{image is a photo of Luau holding the box, turning to me for some guidance, which obviously got him nothing but a picture for posterity. Sorry, kid.}

Finally, he opened the box, which is when he saw this.


{image is a photo of the flaps on the inside of the box which read, “Prank you!”and “Don’t get too excited, your real gift is inside.” And clearly they were just adding to the effect again by putting a comma where a semicolon needed to be. Right? Right.}

Once he got it, he thought it was pretty funny.


{image is a photo of Luau laughing really hard.}

And for his trouble, he got a Star Wars thumb wrestling thingamabob complete with little mini thumb-sized light sabers. Sadly, it doesn’t brew coffee, but he still seemed to like it.


{image is a photo of Luau holding up his light saber thumb war kit.}

Next up,since Katie wanted to go last, was my big gift to him. The only thing that he really wanted was Apple’s electronic pencil for the iPad. Apparently, it’s the only thing a lot of people wanted. It was almost immediately sold out. I ordered one, but there was no way it was getting to him on time for his birthday. So, um, I did this.


{image is a photo of Luau looking at his gift: a pencil stuck through an apple. He is clearly thoroughly confused.}

The wheels were turning …


{image is a photo of Luau looking at the apple from another angle. Not gonna help, babe.}

And then, the epiphany …


{image is a photo of Luau laughing as he figures it out.}

Nobody said this would be easy, kid. But worth it, no?


{image is a photo of Luau holding the apple pencil and grinning now that he knows what it means.}

Finally, it was time for Katie’s present. She couldn’t wait for him to open it. After all, she had been hiding her own version of it behind her back through cake and gifts and Put the Bracelet on the Brooke. She was ready.

I’m pretty sure she’d agree … it was worth the wait.


{image is a photo of Katie and Luau in an epic light saber battle in the living room.}

It was even cooler in the dark …


{image is a photo of the battle in the dark, the glow of their light sabers looking very, well, light sabery.}

All in all, I’d have to say, it was a pretty dang good day. I’d say, “May the force be with you, Luau,” but I’m pretty sure it already is.


7 thoughts on “luau, you are their father

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ oh my gosh,that BOX! and the misty eyes! and the bewildered look! and the apple! and the light saber battle!eeeeeeeeeee!

    also, i love that he looks well balanced as he's fighting!


  2. That was one hell of a memorable birthday. The only thing I can’t figure out is how you guys got so old so fast:)!

    Love you,

  3. Oh, I need to teach you guy about sabersmiths and duel-ready lightsabers. Try looking up to start with. Hee, hee, hee.

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