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* Saturday night. Luau held the popcorn. I had the drinks. He smiled at the ticket taker as he handed him our tickets. They exchanged some friendly small talk and we moved down the hallway toward our theater. An hour and a half with Matthew McConaughey doing what he does best was precisely what I needed … Continue reading



On December 31st, my inbox fills with last-minute pleas from every Tom, Dick and Harry looking for money before the end of the year. It’s understandable, given that there are obvious financial benefits to maxing out one’s tax-credit allowance within the calendar year, but, let’s be honest, it’s gotten to the point where requests are … Continue reading

aba – by sparrow rose jones

Ed note: I am so honored and grateful to be able to share what follows here. It was written by Sparrow Rose Jones, who calls herself as “a middle-aged Autistic adult.” She is an author, a composer, an artist, and a self-described polymath (which I had to look up and might now be my new favorite word.)  When I read the … Continue reading

chloe’s story

chloe’s story

{one of my favorite pictures of Chloe, Katie and Brooke} Almost two years ago, I met Chloe, a young woman on the autism spectrum who had reached out to me through Diary. Within days of our meeting, she and Brooke connected via email. I wrote a post about their initial interaction HERE. It’s a little confusing as … Continue reading


A reader asked a question this morning on Diary’s Facebook page. “Jess,” she asked, “how do you feel about ABA?” I let out a heavy sigh when I saw it. I almost wrote, “I think it’s a hot-button topic and I don’t want to go near your question with a ten-foot pole, but hey, thank … Continue reading

a river in africa

Last night, a reader wrote the following on Diary’s Facebook page: I am recently new to following you and you are so much like myself. I have to ask , how long did it take for you to face things straight on? I know that we all try to not face facts for awhile and … Continue reading


Yesterday, I wrote a post that said this … (Ed note: If you haven’t read it yet, please click HERE so that the rest of this will make sense) ~ Yes, this life is a roller coaster. A big, scary, exhilarating, exhausting, beautiful roller coaster. And it looks something like this … ~ After reading … Continue reading

D Day

* At brunch with family, October, 2005 I find that many of my friends remember the specific date upon which their child was diagnosed with autism. Many dread its anniversary, girding themselves for the PTSD that, to them, feels inevitable. I often hear those same parents refer to that day as D Day. Or The … Continue reading

we both know i’m lying

Survivor, survivor’s, or survivors guilt or syndrome is a mental condition … It may be found among survivors of combat, natural disasters, epidemics, among the friends and family of those who have committed suicide, and in non-mortal situations such as among those whose colleagues are laid off. The experience and manifestation of survivor’s guilt will … Continue reading