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* Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister? ~ Alice Walker ** With open arms, she asks the question. Hey, Brooke, want a hug? * * She doesn’t move toward her little sister, as her Mama would. Instead, she waits. Calm. Pick and arm, she says. Open. Whichever one … Continue reading

innocence lost – the siblings

* Katie and Brooke ~ Photo by Kathleen Connerton * Their innocence lost, they had to be braver and more generous than children should have to be. ~ Eustacia Cutler, speaking of her other children – Temple’s siblings. My heart is breaking. It’s too much tonight. These kids – these amazing little people – carry the … Continue reading

sisters – on special needs siblings saturdays

**   ** Please join me over at The Squashed Bologna today. I’m honored to be a part of Varda’s Special Needs Siblings Saturdays Series, helping to shine a spotlight on the often unsung heroes in our families’ stories. Please CLICK ON OVER. And while you’re there, share your thoughts with Varda. If nothing else, you … Continue reading

little sister becomes big sister

** A completely gratuitous picture of Katie from last weekend * So where were we? We left off yesterday’s Spotlight on Siblings post with Katie and her ‘big sister sib’ Ali excitedly e-mailing one another. They had begun to forge a connection over their shared experiences. For the record, that connection only deepened yesterday when … Continue reading

big sister as little sister

Fraternities have Hell Week. The Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Me? I have Spotlight on Siblings Week. Today’s post is the second in a series celebrating the incredible sibs who will (and are) changing the world for all of us. * It all started with an innocent e-mail. I’d only known Ali for a couple … Continue reading

giddy up – a thank you note

Wouldn’t it just be lovely if after Autism Awareness Month was over we all got one day – just one, single solitary day when we didn’t have to be AWARE of autism? Just one, God. Please. For my friends. For their kids. Just one. Amen. ~ My note to my friends this morning ** As … Continue reading