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veteran’s day

I wrote the following, and published it here on Diary, two years ago. Although I might change some of the wording today, the messages remain the same – deep, abiding gratitude, prayers for the end of war, and a promise to keep trying to make it better. * Photo from US Army News Photo credit … Continue reading

memorial day weekend to-do list

– The following is based on a post originally published in 2010 … Graves at Arlington National Cemetery * To-Do List for Memorial Day Weekend Take white pants out of storage – Hooray! Wash towels and bathing suits – sort through to see what still fits the kids Trim the hedges by the fence Move … Continue reading

the stage is yours

The time has come, my friends. We’re taking this show to Washington. On January 31st, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (and can I just say, Oh my God, I LOVE her) and US Congressman John Larson (whom I don’t know, but since he’s doing this I’m going to say that I love him too) will host a … Continue reading

a rant, a book and a plea for help

* I have a LOT to tell you. A LOT. In fact, there’s a big arse blog jam building up in my poor little foam-stuffed head. It’s gotten so bad recently that I’ve begun a list of reminders for posts that need writing so that I won’t forget. There’s ‘family photos – how’, ‘what is … Continue reading

caring for military kids with autism

Dear Readers, I have so many stories that I’m dying to share with you. Big stories. Well, you know – our kind of big stories – the ones about small moments that were really anything but. But the stories are going to have to wait. Because there’s something happening in our back yard that is … Continue reading

autism friendly

** Ed note: I have ten minutes. That’s it – ten minutes. So typically I’d say, ‘screw it’ and just chalk up yet another day without a post. But I can’t. Partly because one of my readers (ahem, know who you are) might stage an uprising. But mostly because I HAVE to share something with … Continue reading

veteran’s day 2011

* Photo from US Army News Photo credit Kevin Stabinsky (USAG Fort McPherson) * I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~ William Shakespeare Early this fall, I had the honor of guest posting on Act Today for Military Families. I thought it fitting to copy that post here today, as we … Continue reading

mom, meet everyone

* THE JEWEL BOX STUDIO photo by David Land * If you’ve ever had occasion to read the comments here on Diary, you’re likely familiar with my mom. She’s the wonderfully supportive Grammy who signs her comments, “Love, Mom.” You can’t miss her. She’s also the one who took me to Bloomingdale’s at four days … Continue reading

semper fi

* My post a few days ago about the challenges faced by our military families set off an amazing chain of events. I wish I had time to write about them now, but I don’t. What I can do in the meantime however, is tell you that today I have the incredible honor of guest … Continue reading

ACT today

Photo from Rome News Tribune ** I’ve been holding onto the following post for far too long. I’ve stared at it on the screen, been ready to hit publish, then stopped short time and again. I’m just not convinced that it makes the point strongly enough. I don’t think that the words adequately convey the intensity, … Continue reading