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Yesterday, I wrote a post that said this … (Ed note: If you haven’t read it yet, please click HERE so that the rest of this will make sense) ~ Yes, this life is a roller coaster. A big, scary, exhilarating, exhausting, beautiful roller coaster. And it looks something like this … ~ After reading … Continue reading

doing cartwheels

– “Child presents with significant Motor Planning Deficits – often appears to get physically stuck.” For the record, I abhor the word Deficits. Challenges? Yes. Lots of ’em. Deficits? Hell no. (If you don’t believe me, keep reading.)   * “Child’s skill acquisition is stymied by overwhelming anxiety – she is so daunted by the … Continue reading

right on time – from hopeful parents

– Way back in November (is it just me or does November feel like a lifetime ago, seriously?) I wrote the following: As some of you may remember, I used to write once a month for a site called Hopeful Parents. I loved my time there.  I adore the site and everything that it stands for. … Continue reading

fix it

The emotional effects of anxiety may include “feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritability, restlessness, watching (and waiting) for signs (and occurrences) of danger, and, feeling like your mind’s gone blank” as well as “nightmares/bad dreams, obsessions about sensations, deja vu, a trapped in your mind feeling, … Continue reading

fighting fires

– Ed note: In the interest of making this more of a blog post than a book, I’ve cut it down significantly from its original form. Apologies to anybody out there who really likes a whole lot of extra words. September 2010 ~ I don’t know which of us is more nervous. OK, that’s crap. … Continue reading

dinner time

– It’s dinner time. I try to coax her into the kitchen. She takes a few steps, then bounces off an invisible wall. Have you ever seen a firefighter repelled by overwhelming heat? It may be invisible; but it’s impenetrable.  She reels backward into the office. I offer her my hand again. I promise to … Continue reading

lucy peach

– Yesterday afternoon, we made it official. Lucy Peach Ariel Hannah is now a member of our family. When we first met her, she was terrified. She cowered behind Mrs S, the woman who has been fostering her for the last three weeks. She had her tail between her legs, her head down, her little … Continue reading

i see myself

– I seeeeeee myself! ~ Brooke every time she sees her reflection – Saturday night, six months ago Luau and I are chatting about the evening’s plans. Our sitter is coming over in an hour, but we have no idea what we’re going to do with the free time. I grab a gift certificate off … Continue reading

the rabbit hole

I don’t want to go. I tell them again and again. “NO!” I yell. I am firm, indignant. I use that Mama voice, the one that says I’m not messing around, damn it. I tell them that I’m staying put. But they don’t listen. Or they don’t care. Come, rest here a while, Jess. There, … Continue reading