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dear oprah

** They give you two thousand characters. Not words, characters. That includes spaces and line breaks, ellipses and apostrophes. It includes quotation marks and dashes, periods and exclamation marks. The whole kit and caboodle. And let me tell you, two thousand characters ain’t much. It takes me two thousand characters to say, “Hi, my name … Continue reading

to those who ask why

** Hello. I came across your blog on facebook; a friend of mine that has a son with Autism posted and I read it. Then read some more and cried. I do not have a child with a disability but I know LOTS who do. I never really understood what a parent of a child … Continue reading

dear mr president

** * Yesterday afternoon, I was asked to write a letter to the President. I thought perhaps they meant the president of the PTO or maybe the president of the local Kiwanis club, but it turned out they meant, you know, the big guy. Like the leader of the free world. THE President. Like of … Continue reading