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dear amy and dean

The back story Dear Amy and Dean, I get it. That’s what I’m writing to tell you. That I get it. Well, partly. That’s a good place to start, at least. You see, I too am the mother of an Autistic child. Just a note, I use the term Autistic very purposefully out of respect for her … Continue reading

to the autistic people in the crowd

to the autistic people in the crowd

I had made a decision. Before I said anything else, I would say this. Even if it were technically only addressed to 3 out of the 240 people in that room, it mattered. And it mattered that the other 237 hear it. This is what I said. Ed note: I did my best to transcribe the words … Continue reading

out of the shadows

out of the shadows

– Yesterday, I wrote a post about how a dear friend of mine told her son for the first time that there was a name for the constellation of gifts and challenges that help to make him who he is. I told the story about him smiling at the news that he, in his words, … Continue reading

the autism chapter

* There has been great a great deal of talk among members of the autism community about the Autism chapter in Andrew Solomon’s critically acclaimed book, Far From the Tree. Since I’ve been such a vocal fan of Andrew after seeing him speak, subsequently corresponding with him, and reading the incredibly insightful and thought-provoking introductory chapter … Continue reading

CARA – The Combating Autism Reauthorization Act

Yesterday, after introduction by the Republican majority, the House of Representatives approved HR 2005, the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act. The act was approved by Unanimous Consent. The moment would have been cause for celebration, but the vote brought little relief to this community. Because in the Senate politics were, once again, taking center stage. Now, … Continue reading

we both know i’m lying

Survivor, survivor’s, or survivors guilt or syndrome is a mental condition … It may be found among survivors of combat, natural disasters, epidemics, among the friends and family of those who have committed suicide, and in non-mortal situations such as among those whose colleagues are laid off. The experience and manifestation of survivor’s guilt will … Continue reading

shouldering the bat – revisited

I’d hoped to write a post today – one that has been rattling around in my head for nearly a week. But writing time just wasn’t there this morning – mostly because when my alarm went off at 4:50, I strung together some phrases that can’t be shared and then reset it for 6:00. So the … Continue reading

when cuteness attacks

I’m exhausted. Scrapping to get my kid what she needs? Easy. Bring it on. Fighting with diplomacy and restraint to bring the message to a MUCH wider audience? Utterly exhausting. Digging deep to find grace when all you want to do is lash out and btch-slap some common sense into someone? Draining as all get … Continue reading

how – part one

* I have a confession. I’ve been avoiding you. Listen, I don’t want this to get all weird or anything. I swear it’s not you. It’s me. But well, I needed a little space. A lot has happened since our last conversation. No, really. A LOT. Yes, I know it’s only been a matter of … Continue reading