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what she needed

Saturday * We were in the car, about to leave the mall. My baby was hurting. Really, really hurting. And I couldn’t make it better. * We’d gone to the mall to buy a birthday present for our beloved baby sitter, Julie. Brooke had decided that Julie needed a bear pillow pet, and I’d remembered that … Continue reading

cupcake wars

Diary of a Mom ~ Just spent the better part of the morning making and naming ‘experimental’ cupcakes with Katie. Mango Chocolate Dream anyone? Or perhaps you’d like to try the Marshmallow Cloud, the Fruit Salad, the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Surprise, the M&M blast or the Banana Fofanana. (At least I talked her out of … Continue reading


* Brooke’s developmental pediatrician is looking at me earnestly, waiting. I appreciate the fact that she has just acknowledged that the decision ultimately belongs to me and Luau, but on some level I really wish she’d just look at me and say, “Ok, here’s how we’re going to proceed.” But this doesn’t work that way. … Continue reading


** I had a diving coach in college who once told me that you could never cry for longer than you could shower. Why? Because you could simply stay in there until you got it together. He lied. ** I’m in the shower with my girl. She is crying. Our evening has been a mess. … Continue reading