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gearing up for april

gearing up for april

– Last year, Katie came to me with a question. “Mama,” she asked, “now that we don’t feel like we can support Autism Speaks anymore, what can I wear to school for Autism Awareness Day?” While I know the question of what to wear may seem silly to some, we take our autistic pride pretty seriously around … Continue reading

to the students of my alma mater – thank you

to the students of my alma mater – thank you

Editor’s note: Lest you think that Diary is becoming the home of the open letter, this one was written by request. My dear friend, Emma (of the fabulous blog, Lemon Peel), wrote to ask for my help. A fellow Smith Alumna, she remains in contact with the Smith Disability Alliance, who have been grappling with this … Continue reading


. – Ed note: Apologies for the annoying little dots all over the page. WordPress decided this would be a good morning to go all sorts of wonky and I had to improvise. Yup, I’m kinda like the blogging MacGyver.   * . thank you all so very much for your warm, generous, loving response … Continue reading

our autism

* Ed note: Warning, what follows is deeply personal, intensely honest and pretty damn raw. I’m fairly certain that one could take sentences and even full paragraphs out of context and I’d pretty much look like an @sshole. Hell, maybe even when taken in full I look like an @sshole. But I think the chances … Continue reading

and she told two friends ..

    Ed note: I had hoped to write an introduction to the following letter that I recently received from a reader. But the last twelve hours have not looked kindly on such pursuits. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure it can stand on its own. I will say just one thing – I never thought I’d … Continue reading

autism awareness, one bakery at a time

  Ed note: A HUGE  thank you to Helena, my new favorite reader of all time (except you, of course!) who photoshopped “Brooke” into the cake. While I had the tools to blur out her real name out, that was as far as I could go. Helena, you rock! ** Brooke had been nothing if … Continue reading