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. – Ed note: Apologies for the annoying little dots all over the page. WordPress decided this would be a good morning to go all sorts of wonky and I had to improvise. Yup, I’m kinda like the blogging MacGyver.   * . thank you all so very much for your warm, generous, loving response … Continue reading

our autism

* Ed note: Warning, what follows is deeply personal, intensely honest and pretty damn raw. I’m fairly certain that one could take sentences and even full paragraphs out of context and I’d pretty much look like an @sshole. Hell, maybe even when taken in full I look like an @sshole. But I think the chances … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from ~ The Professor, The Dean And The Revolution. ~ Diary, October, 2011 * * Diary of a Mom’s Facebook Status, October 9 at 9:08am I just had the honor of connecting two people – a liberal arts college professor who is working on creating a comprehensive system of support for … Continue reading

for the fathers

– Photo By Connerton Photography – For my husband – I know how hard this was to write. And I know how much harder it was to live. I’ve been there – spinning on the sidewalk lost in an impotent rage. But you are so damned strong for us – for all of us – … Continue reading

awareness 2012

– Diary of a Mom – 9 hours ago. ~ I wish I could really have captured how beautiful this looks. There are blue candles flickering in every window of our home tonight in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. As I’ve done my best to explain to my beautiful girl, the light serves as … Continue reading

one more person

– Over February break, Katie was begging to come into work with me. It just wasn’t feasible to bring her in for a full day, but we managed to come up with a compromise. Luau would bring both girls in for a visit toward the end of a day and then leave Katie with me … Continue reading

an innocent question

– It was an innocent question. It arrived without fanfare – nestled quietly in a score of others asked by my dinner companion that evening. She was interested. She wanted to learn about autism – to figure out what it means to Brooke – to our family, to so many others. I did my best … Continue reading

warrior mom

  I have a confession. I’m not a warrior mom. The term doesn’t fit. Never has. I’ve never used it to describe myself, but time and again it’s been assigned to me. I’m not comfortable with it. It’s not who I am. I am not at war. Not with society, not with the glaring lady … Continue reading

all roads lead to disclosure

It started with this: Josie @josieiscreating ~ @diaryofamom you will love this. 🙂 shiftjournal.com/2011/11/30/the… which led me to this: The Obsessive Joy of Autism which I didn’t just love but adored and I knew I just had to read more, so I clicked over to this: Just Stimming where I read this: Quiet Hands And thought, “Oh … Continue reading

i scream, you scream ..

. It’s unseasonably warm – a balmy sixty degrees in New England at the end of November. Brooke and I are crossing the street, headed for the ice cream shop. I watch the door to the shop open and close as we walk toward it. I fear we’re not the only ones with this idea. The … Continue reading