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the secret

{image is a closeup photo of a woman’s lips with her finger touching them as if to say, “Shhh, it’s a secret} Over the weekend, I found myself in a pretty deep conversation with a fellow autism mama, as you do. Spanning everything from a comparative analysis of major religions, a lament of the far too … Continue reading

shooting stars

* Today is Color Day at Brooke’s camp. There will be games and contests. Competition. Camaraderie. Team spirit. She will not be there. Green – she was going to be on the green team. She won’t be. She will, as per her ardent request (more of a desperate plea, really) have color day at home. … Continue reading

oops i did it again

** Sunday, mid-afternoon. Katie and I are walking quickly through a local shopping plaza. We are set to meet Kathleen at the beach later in the day for our family photo shoot.  I need to find a shirt to wear for said photo. I’m in a mild panic. Katie looks at me, nose scrunched as though she’s … Continue reading