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the walk – a day in pictures

* I still haven’t put together a proper thank you. Hard as I try, every time I sit down to write it, I balk. It’s just, well, I find it really hard to wrangle ALL that gratitude into a letter. For the life of me, I don’t know how to make people truly understand how … Continue reading

finding his voice

  As men we are wired to “fix” things. As fathers we are wired to protect our children. This is our nature. But autism is neither something that can be fixed nor something we can protect our children from – instead it is messy, complicated, hard, frustrating. And so as fathers we lose faith in … Continue reading

autism walk 2010

Autism Speaks Greater Boston Walk 2010 * Yup, someone actually took an order to print that sign. * Jeneil, Rhema, Hope and Katie Soooo worth wading through the crowd to find them! * Brooke, Luau, Jack and Judith Ursitti In a moment of magic, 20,000 of us sang Happy Birthday to Jack yesterday * Brooke … Continue reading