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  *  One by one, she pulled the horses out of the box. She laid them carefully on the floor next to it, then immediately began the process of putting them back in. I sat with her. I didn’t speak. I watched. One big horse. One little one. One big horse. One little one. And … Continue reading

you’re okay now

Two of Brooke’s horses Katie and I had been at the grocery store. We’d been gone for an hour, tops. As I set the groceries on the kitchen counter, I heard Luau’s voice. “Someone’s asking if Mama can come upstairs!” he said. Something wasn’t right. It was too sing-songy, too falsely upbeat. It was the … Continue reading

when all else fails ..

Ed note: Thank you ALL so much for your love and support yesterday. The IEP meeting went very well. Now we await the official proposal and refinement process, but there were no surprises this time (thank God!) and we’ve got a wonderful team of people working together to support our girl. Knowing you were there … Continue reading