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extraordinary, continued

extraordinary, continued

1:2 Specialized Yoga class – April, 2012 Becky’s Mom, Mary and I are sitting in the lobby waiting for our girls. We’ve struck up a chat with another mom, there with her two children – both on the spectrum. Mary is telling her how before we arrived, Becky was worried that Brooke might not be … Continue reading


– Preschool conference ~ 2007 “So, now that we have some strategies in place for facilitating play for Brooke at home, we’d really like to try to come up with some play dates for her.” “That’s a great idea.” “So we we’re hoping to get your feedback on who might be a good fit for … Continue reading

my sweet valentine

Brooke is sitting in Luau’s SUV inside the garage, still bundled up. Luau and Katie have run into the house momentarily, grabbing what we will need before heading out to dinner. Brooke must have asked to stay in the car. I’ve just come in from walking Winston. It’s Friday night and I have not seen … Continue reading