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of faith, slingshots, and a clarinet

Please, please, PLEASE read THIS before you continue. I’m begging.  * First there was this … Why do I always notice the typos once it’s too late to fix them? Ah well. I assume you don’t come here to bask in my editing skills. Moving on.  And then there was this … But in between, … Continue reading

remembering to believe

Ed note: I asked Luau to read the following before I hit publish. He had two comments: 1) People who don’t know you might find the first part a little self-indulgent and 2) You’re getting kinda religious in your old age. I decided I was fine with both.  ~ Yesterday, I couldn’t write. I just … Continue reading


* * Many of you have asked for “tissue warnings” on my more emotional posts. This, my friends, is not one of those. Well, unless you’re a happy crier, like me. If you are, then consider yourself warned. Oh, and one other thing. It’s long. I’m sorry about that. I tried to make it shorter, … Continue reading