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what i don’t do

  Yesterday morning, a conversation with a friend: HER : I loved your post about “just being”! ME: aw, thanks .. even though i failed miserably at it? LOL HER: I often wonder when I read your eloquent posts how on earth you find the time being a working mom and I came up with … Continue reading

the whole story

. ~ Diary’s Facebook status, yesterday afternoon (ed note: the 2nd ‘qualitative’ should have read ‘quantitative’ – that’s what I get for typing on my phone) * “Way to prove those tests wrong, Brooke!” “Those doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.” “Those scales mean nothing! The only comparison that matters is Brooke to Brooke!” … Continue reading

it doesn’t change a single thing

~ To know an object is to lead to it through a context which the world provides. ~ William James  Context can kiss my arse – Jess Wilson ~ Yesterday, my cousin asked me to elaborate on my post – to explain what I was feeling – why it was hard. This is what I said. … Continue reading