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what is it like?

Driving on Sunday … Me: Ooh, that’s a pretty color, isn’t it Brooke? Brooke: Yellow! Me: Hmm, that’s funny, I thought it was kind of orange. Brooke: It’s yellow! Me: You know what? We had different perceptions of it. Do you know what that means? Her: What? Me: It means that we’re looking at the … Continue reading

extraordinary, continued

extraordinary, continued

1:2 Specialized Yoga class – April, 2012 Becky’s Mom, Mary and I are sitting in the lobby waiting for our girls. We’ve struck up a chat with another mom, there with her two children – both on the spectrum. Mary is telling her how before we arrived, Becky was worried that Brooke might not be … Continue reading

she asked

. Molly, Brooke and Janey ~ Brooke’s Adaptive Dance Class – The back story ~ Molly has her questions before they start class. . Who’s your favorite Disney princess? . When is your birthday? . What year were you born?.. . She looks like a typical teenager at first glance, but it’s the questions that … Continue reading

high tide

Hoist up sail while gale doth last, Tide and wind stay no man’s pleasure. ~ Robert Southwell A single breaker may recede; but the tide is coming in. ~ Thomas Babington Macaulay * I am hanging onto this moment with everything I have. I know it won’t last – this gilded unicorn – this moment … Continue reading

The Controversion of Aidan B

* My cousin, Sue shared the following with me last week. As soon as I read it, I knew I needed to share it with you. On its surface, it’s laugh out loud funny. Just below the surface, it’s an achingly familiar story about a child desperately seeking connection and a mom trying hard to … Continue reading


– Preschool conference ~ 2007 “So, now that we have some strategies in place for facilitating play for Brooke at home, we’d really like to try to come up with some play dates for her.” “That’s a great idea.” “So we we’re hoping to get your feedback on who might be a good fit for … Continue reading

thank you, mr mark

* Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of others – for the countless unknown souls … Continue reading

the conversation revisited

Just before bed last night, I exchanged texts with a friend who has a son Brooke’s age who is on the spectrum. I’ve met her in person once. She was telling me that she had taken her son to see Dolphin Tale and was trying to convince me that I needed to go see it … Continue reading

her mother’s daughter

. In case it’s not obvious, this is not my actual refrigerator. I’m thinking it’s not really anyone’s actual refrigerator cause not for nothin’, but who the heck has an entire shelf of tomatoes? Or not one but three large bottles of coke? Right? Right. ** 8:30 p.m. Just before bedtime. I hear Brooke make … Continue reading