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online privacy – part a million

online privacy – part a million

{Image is a photo of a single type-written word. Privacy.} Last night, I found myself in a long conversation on Diary’s Facebook page about what it means to me to be the guardian of my daughters’ privacy. And as much as I’d like to channel Ilsa and let it go, I can’t. Because this is big … Continue reading

autism, puberty and respect

– Honestly, our kids should just get a pass on the whole puberty thing. – a fellow autism mom – I want to write about the intersection of autism and puberty. I want to tell you that I’m struggling. With how to talk to Brooke about all of it – not just about what is … Continue reading

the ends, the means and the cost

– To the parents who said that Suzanne Wright’s Op-ed reflected their experience with their children, I want you to know that I hear you. I want you to know that I do not paint Autism with just as broad a brush as Mrs. Wright did. Autism is a spectrum. A spectrum as vast as … Continue reading


Every year on September 11th, I struggle with what to do here on Diary. With how to remember the lost and celebrate the quiet heroism that we saw that God-awful day twelve years ago. With how to honor the victims of the horrific acts of evil, and ultimately, of cowardice. I’ve thought briefly about going dark. About … Continue reading

we promise

* This is hard to write. It would be easy were this an actual diary, the kind under lock and key for no one’s eyes but my own, and then perhaps, someday, my children’s, long after I’m gone and they find it packed away in a dusty attic. But alas, this is not that kind … Continue reading


~ ~ We are in the middle of a party. People are chatting, swimming, eating, laughing. Brooke is sitting on a step stripping a stick. This is what she does. She forages for bits and pieces of branches whose bark she can pull clean off, revealing the tender wood below the surface. Her fingernails dig … Continue reading