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disney – a work in progress

Ed note: I am not a journalist, friends. I’m a mom with a blog. While I will do my best to make this accurate and concise, I’m sharing my, rather than reporting a, story. Jess Although changes to Disney’s Disability Policy had long been the subject of speculation, rumors about its imminent demise hit a … Continue reading

disney redux

* Ed note: If you haven’t yet read ‘Dear Disney’ the following post won’t make much sense. Please click HERE to read the backstory.  * Luau and I had just left an advocacy meeting and were heading into the supermarket together to pick up a few things for dinner that night. It wasn’t exactly how … Continue reading

dear disney

Ed note: As of ten minutes ago, the following is sitting in an inbox in Orlando waiting for a member of Disney’s customer service department to open it. I pray that it is someone who will take the time to read it – really read it – and to understand why I felt I had … Continue reading

unpacking the memories

As we rode our last monorail headed back to the hotel, Katie was wistful. “I’m really gonna miss this place, Mama,” she said. “Aren’t you?” I couldn’t answer. I knew what my answer was, but I didn’t have the heart to say it. No, I wouldn’t miss this place. I was ready – more than … Continue reading

my favorite character

Ed note: Lest I give you the impression that we’ve been crying in our Mickey O’s the whole time we’ve been here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the past few days.  * There are two things in this world that my girl simply adores – carnival rides and characters. She’ll … Continue reading

hiding from irene, griswold style

* Well hello there, beautiful you. How are you? I pray that if you’re in Irene’s path you’ve managed to stay safe. That storm has wreaked havoc with everyone, but I’ll be damned if our kids haven’t gotten the worst of it. From turbo-charged anxiety to hypersensitivity to changes in pressure, our poor kiddos take … Continue reading