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a list of thank you’s – part two

* So where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and I had just met with Jeneil, along with a few others – including one who is doing groundbreaking (sometimes literally) work in the area of adult housing, one who is a psychologist who works with ASD families and one who works as a community service liaison … Continue reading

a list of thank you’s

* They’ve been hanging over my head for over a week. The thank you notes that desperately need to be written. But these are not just any thank you notes. These are the kind that demand time and effort and at least a certain amount of art. Because their recipients deserve no less. Our friends … Continue reading

weekend in pictures – part one

On Saturday, I was determined to do something fun with the girls in Daddy’s absence. The day was hot, sticky and overcast and the skies were threatening to open at any moment. Which I realized, in our world, was perfect. The normally packed-to-the-gills orchard would be more or less empty. Because, well, who wants to … Continue reading