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great googly moogly

~ I only have a couple of minutes, so this is going to have to be quick. But, for those of you not on Facebook (um, Dad), yesterday went something like this … 8am … For the last ten minutes Brooke has been talking to Kiki – telling her not to worry, that it will … Continue reading

eeeeeeg 2.0

  May, 2011 ~ Dear EEG Tech, I’m sorry that it’s so crowded in here. I’m sure it makes your job tougher, trying to work around all of these people. But well, there’s not much that I can do. You try to convince them to stay home. Ain’t gonna happen. So you might want to … Continue reading


Yes, we took pictures of Brooke getting an EEG. Why? Because we billed it as an adventure. And when on an adventure, one takes pictures. Right? Right.  ** Her Royal Highness, Princessa Brooke, boned up on the Here We Go For An EEG social story on the ride to the hospital. (For the record, she pronounced EEG as … Continue reading