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for mikaela, drew and owen

~ In honor of Mikaela Lynch, Drew Howell and Owen Black – and sent with love to the families who grieve the catastrophic loss of their angels. We are so, so incredibly sorry for your pain. We are in this together. It was June 13th, 2008. This was what I wrote. (edited slightly) She was … Continue reading

hands on

  Last night, my dear friend Judith posted the following on her personal Facebook page. I asked her this morning if she would be willing to let me share it with you. I am so grateful that she said yes. Please share it. With anyone and everyone who might listen. I”m begging. Because the judgement … Continue reading

a list of thank you’s – part two

* So where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and I had just met with Jeneil, along with a few others – including one who is doing groundbreaking (sometimes literally) work in the area of adult housing, one who is a psychologist who works with ASD families and one who works as a community service liaison … Continue reading