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expression is not existence revisited

Have you seen this? Scientific American: The Right Incentive Can Erase an Autism Deficit It’s a little dusty now, but it’s gotten much less press than I’d have expected – or hoped. The Sally-Anne test has been in desperate need of an overhaul, or at the very least a broadly recognized critical rebuttal for years. While … Continue reading

stepping into the void

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Following the horrific shooting in an Aurora Colorado movie theater in July, Joe Scarborough made the outrageous … Continue reading

responding to fear with facts

~ – Right in the middle of the comments on that post tonight was this one. “It’s not a myth and you know it. It may not be the case with your child but a huge majority lack that feeling for others and themselves while being oddly disconnected and at the same time brilliant. We … Continue reading

Dear Ms Bazelon

— THE BACK STORY — * Ms Bazelon, As the mother of an autistic daughter, I watched your TEDx talk with great interest. After seeing it, I have some serious concerns about your remarks. Although I have no doubt that you have the best of intentions and sincerely want to help shine a light on … Continue reading

empathy explored – and ignored

Last Tuesday, journalist and author Emily Bazelon gave a talk on girls and autism at TEDxWomen 2012. The link to the video of her talk found its way into my inbox three different times last week. Each time, the sender asked some version of the same question – “What do you think of this?” Each … Continue reading

when the stars burst

A completely gratuitous shot of my girls from a really long time ago just because * ~ Tuesday, July 10th ~ Dinner’s wrapping up. Well, mostly. Brooke has apparently decided that she’s done. We know this because she’s done the fake burp which she now uses to convey the fact. Unexpected, perhaps, but pretty damned … Continue reading