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what you’re missing

Ed note: I submitted the following to Huff Po a while back. I was told that it was being held for use as a feature, but I have no idea when it might be published. Since I suck at waiting, I’m posting it here in the meantime. When / if it turns up there, I’ll … Continue reading

the news

* Well, the news is in. The reports are finalized. The diagnosis is officially .. well, estimated. The quick version is that, as I’d suspected, our girl walked into a(nother) mine field and somehow managed to get no more than grazed by a bullet. She does have a form of epilepsy, however, it is (almost, … Continue reading


~ We’re gathering up the goods … Again. Eegy sheep The gummy bear blanket The iPad The favorite books – HUG, Dora’s Starry Christmas, The Owl Babies Three of the same fidgets for peeling / picking / pulling A bag of Kix for the car on the way home We’re headed to the hospital … … Continue reading


Approximately 25% of children with autism will experience at least one seizure by the time they reach adulthood. ~ Epilepsy Foundation (also First Signs, National Autism Center and countless others that I don’t have time to cite.) — From 25 to 35 percent of people with autism will eventually experience full-scale seizures. Many others will have seizure-like … Continue reading