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the price of independence – sharing it

{image is a photo of the Statue of Liberty} Until we are all free, we are none of us free. – Emma Lazarus (often misattributed to MLK Jr, who later paraphrased Ms Lazarus) – I have so many thoughts about Independence Day that, quite frankly, really have almost nothing to do with the Fourth of … Continue reading

the same

the same

Us {image is a photo of Katie, Luau, me and Brooke on the beach at sunset – courtesy of Connerton Photography} Luau and I started watching The Normal Heart over the weekend. It’s an incredible movie and one that I highly recommend, particularly if you’re not old enough to have been socially or politically conscious through the early eighties. … Continue reading

precious little

* It is 1997. We sit on the mattress that serves as a bed on the floor of his room. The sheets are stained with – what the hell is that, Kool-Aid? – God knows what, having last been cleaned God knows when. I won’t be here but a few times more before I cry … Continue reading