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the autism chapter

* There has been great a great deal of talk among members of the autism community about the Autism chapter in Andrew Solomon’s critically acclaimed book, Far From the Tree. Since I’ve been such a vocal fan of Andrew after seeing him speak, subsequently corresponding with him, and reading the incredibly insightful and thought-provoking introductory chapter … Continue reading

the search for a new language

*** In short, we can live inside our fear for the future or we can say to hell with it and run alongside her as she blazes a path that leads us unwittingly to our own self-acceptance as we guide her to hers. And we can invite everyone with whom we come into contact to … Continue reading

andrew solomon

If you’re going to write a post about your new BFF, it’s totally helpful if they’re famous, because then you can find lots of pictures of them from which to choose for the post. Oh … Andrew is the one on the left. ~ A week and a half ago, I’d never consciously heard of … Continue reading