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Rocket Ship Headed to Mars, Brooke 2013 Facilitate (fa-cil-i-tate) / fəˈsiliˌtāt/ verb (used with object) Definition: to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.); make possible; make smooth / smoother; smooth the way for Synonyms: enable, assist, help (along), oil the wheels of, expedite, accelerate, forward, advance, promote, further, encourage, … Continue reading

on being heard – with barb rentenbach

* As you may recall, last week was an eventful one here at Diary. The Reader’s Digest version goes something like this … I wrote a post called Rethinking Functional Behavior and the Tyranny of Made-up Deadlines. In that post, I cited my new favorite author and friend, Barb Rentenbach. In so doing, I unwittingly … Continue reading

the silence of our friends

There will always be those who are unable to see beyond their own limited parameters of what qualifies as communication, but there will also, thank God, be people like Barb [Rentenbach] (and Carly Fleischmann and countless others), who continue to show us what is possible when we are willing and able to open our minds. … Continue reading