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paralyzed with gratitude

paralyzed with gratitude

– I’ve been trying to write this post for a month. Every time that I sit down to write it, I stare at my screen waiting for the words to come, but they don’t. I can write about big things, I can write about anger and fear and heartbreak. In fact, writing about them, reducing … Continue reading


On Monday night, I wrote this … Brooke has been talking about Ms Nick incessantly. She’s been asking us what it means to retire. Telling us again and again that Ms Nick doesn’t work at her school anymore. That she went to visit Paris when she was all done working. That she misses her. Last … Continue reading

thank you

. Brooke with her friends, Dora, Diego and Mr Shawn ~ Dear Nick Hotel staff, Sometimes words aren’t big enough. This is one of those times. You welcomed me and my girl with open arms. You reveled in her excitement (and mine for her). You treated her like royalty. You understood just how much it … Continue reading

thank you gifts

Really important Ed note: If you teach my child, please don’t read this until after Christmas. Or maybe not at all unless you want to know exactly what you’re getting from us and exactly what it cost and then think I’m a cheapskate and possibly strain our really wonderful relationship. Please. Cause it would so … Continue reading

an embarrassment of riches – still

The following was originally published on November 26, 2008. Except for the fact that the iPod Shuffle has long since been replaced by an iPad, it all holds true today.  . * Things I am thankful for (#s 1-13 of 17,846,319 and counting) Katie’s laugh – not her polite little chuckle, the real one. The one that comes from … Continue reading

a list of thank you’s – part two

* So where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and I had just met with Jeneil, along with a few others – including one who is doing groundbreaking (sometimes literally) work in the area of adult housing, one who is a psychologist who works with ASD families and one who works as a community service liaison … Continue reading

the bag

* I called home from work yesterday, checking in on the girls. Neither has had an easy time as the school year has wound down. Brooke has been orbiting the heart of capital A autism land – regressing dramatically at home as the seasons change and the demands of unstructured, end-of-year days take their toll … Continue reading

the other veterans

* * Last week, our nation paused to give thanks to our *military veterans*. As I read about all of the wonderful events that day, I began to envision a different kind of gathering. This was not the kind of event to take place on the National Mall or on the White House lawn. There would … Continue reading

veteran’s day 2011

* Photo from US Army News Photo credit Kevin Stabinsky (USAG Fort McPherson) * I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~ William Shakespeare Early this fall, I had the honor of guest posting on Act Today for Military Families. I thought it fitting to copy that post here today, as we … Continue reading

an embarrassment of riches

Things I am thankful for (#s 1-13 of 17,846,319 and counting) Katie’s laugh – not her polite little chuckle, the real one. The one that comes from somewhere deep and full of joy. The can’t breathe, smile wrapped around her head laugh. The laugh that summons the angels and leaves them lingering in the room long after … Continue reading