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disney das

disney das

  I promised to write about Disney’s new disability program. I’ve been avoiding it. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s overwhelming, I guess. Trying to find the threads within the fabric – to unravel our trip into days and the days into moments and to somehow deliver it to you in some kind of manageable … Continue reading

disney redux

* Ed note: If you haven’t yet read ‘Dear Disney’ the following post won’t make much sense. Please click HERE to read the backstory.  * Luau and I had just left an advocacy meeting and were heading into the supermarket together to pick up a few things for dinner that night. It wasn’t exactly how … Continue reading

dear disney

Ed note: As of ten minutes ago, the following is sitting in an inbox in Orlando waiting for a member of Disney’s customer service department to open it. I pray that it is someone who will take the time to read it – really read it – and to understand why I felt I had … Continue reading