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me too

~ Because it is a sense of community that makes the good times sweeter for the sharing and the hard times more bearable for knowing that we’re not alone. ~ Diary’s About Page The background: I Promise It’s Time: The Story of my Rape — 23 Years Later * I sent the rough draft of … Continue reading

i see myself

– I seeeeeee myself! ~ Brooke every time she sees her reflection – Saturday night, six months ago Luau and I are chatting about the evening’s plans. Our sitter is coming over in an hour, but we have no idea what we’re going to do with the free time. I grab a gift certificate off … Continue reading

a bedtime story

* It’s 10 pm, an hour past the girls’ bedtime. Luau and I are sitting up in bed watching train wreck TV from the week before. Marcus sings for his life on the X-Factor while my brain races through the day, the week, the list of looming MUST-DOs. Our door creaks open. I wonder what … Continue reading