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oh, jenny

~ A couple of weeks ago, Jenny McCarthy said the following at Autism One – “This is something I touch about every year on – and that’s the Victim Moms vs the Warrior Moms. And you’re both out there, so hopefully you can recognize yourself if you are a Victim Mom after I explain this. … Continue reading

walking away

– My greatest hope is that the discourse on this blog and its accompanying Facebook page can serve as examples of environments in which compassion, understanding and mutual respect are paramount. That said, I publish nearly all comments, but there are rare exceptions.    I have long been frustrated and deeply saddened by the chasms … Continue reading


@diaryofamom jess My kingdom to give various iterations of autism their own names. The spectrum is absurdly broad. #Autism is one word but there is no one autism. . ~ Twitter yesterday, 5pm. * “There isn’t AN autism. There are autisms.” ~ Geri Dawson, Autism Speaks Chief Science officer, June 2011 (full post HERE) * … Continue reading