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on function

Earlier this week, I posted the following on Facebook. I talk a lot here about why assigning functioning labels to human beings is pretty much crap. I talk about the fact that labeling a human ‘high functioning’ dismisses their very real challenges while calling another ‘low functioning’ dismisses their very real abilities – often along … Continue reading

the only label that fits

I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page last night, then decided that I wanted it to live here. I hope you’ll forgive me for reposting it, but I think it bears repeating. ~ With all the talk today about language – about avoiding broad generalizations like high and low functioning to (largely inaccurately) categorize … Continue reading

pretty pyramids

* Last week, I read the beginnings of an online conversation in the comments on Mama Be Good’s post Good Trouble. The conversation took place between a parent of an autistic child and an autistic self advocate. One had used the terms ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’ and the other had taken issue with the language and … Continue reading