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paper clouds

paper clouds

It started what must be almost a year ago now. Nearly every time that I posted one of Brooke’s drawings on Facebook (which was, well, a lot cause the kid draws like it’s her job), someone would say, ‘Oh, you HAVE to get her work on Paper Clouds. And I would nod and smile through … Continue reading

miss alysia’s playhouse

~ On the wall at SenseAbility ~ On Sunday afternoon, The Wilsons piled our little traveling yard sale into the car and headed out on a very special mission. We were finally going to see the results of my dear friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the Senseability Gym in Hopedale, MA. To be clear, we … Continue reading

one click to create community

~ My friend, Alysia’s son Howie ~ You may remember me telling you – or at least telling you that I wanted to tell you – about my friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the SenseAbility Gym   in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Alysia and her partner, Tina, both autism mamas, have been working around the clock to make … Continue reading