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— UPDATED WITH LINK BELOW — ~ Today’s post should, God-willing, be up on the Huffington Post site later today. I submitted it to their editorial staff on Saturday morning. It’s been sitting in the queue ever since. I’m not so good at waiting. I’m even worse at ceding control of my writing. But this … Continue reading

voting day

click on the picture to read the post ~ As many of you know, I took a risk yesterday. A big one. And it scared the hell out of me. When I got the e-mail from the Huffington Post editorial desk letting me know that my post, The Biggest Hypocrisy of All was up, I … Continue reading

happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends. Before I ask you to click over to Huffington Post to find my Mother’s Day wishes, I’d like to say this – I know that some of you dread this day. I know that it is not easy for those who know the pain of losing their own mothers, or … Continue reading