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team brooke – the middle school version

team brooke – the middle school version

{image is a photo of Brooke and a dog that she met on Nantucket last week} Middle school starts tomorrow. I’m trying to pretend I’m not freaking out. I’m totally freaking out. In order to keep up some pretense of the former, I sent Brooke’s new team the following, as I do every year. It … Continue reading

when all else fails ..

Ed note: Thank you ALL so much for your love and support yesterday. The IEP meeting went very well. Now we await the official proposal and refinement process, but there were no surprises this time (thank God!) and we’ve got a wonderful team of people working together to support our girl. Knowing you were there … Continue reading

iep day

– Today is the day. Today we sit down – as a team – to talk about our baby girl. Today the team will, by necessity be largely focused on what she can’t do. Today, we will continue to remind them what she can do. Today we will set about establishing goals for the next … Continue reading