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the price of independence – sharing it

{image is a photo of the Statue of Liberty} Until we are all free, we are none of us free. – Emma Lazarus (often misattributed to MLK Jr, who later paraphrased Ms Lazarus) – I have so many thoughts about Independence Day that, quite frankly, really have almost nothing to do with the Fourth of … Continue reading

rethinking independence – with amy sequenzia

* I speak a lot about the impact that autistic adults have had on my life, and in turn, on my children’s lives. I write often about the invaluable insights that I have gained from my conversations with those who so generously share their own experiences and so freely offer up their unique perspectives, so often dramatically different from … Continue reading

we promise

* This is hard to write. It would be easy were this an actual diary, the kind under lock and key for no one’s eyes but my own, and then perhaps, someday, my children’s, long after I’m gone and they find it packed away in a dusty attic. But alas, this is not that kind … Continue reading


To you I wish to give two things To give you roots, to give you wings ~ Hanging on the wall between Brooke’s and Katie’s bedrooms * Activities of daily living (ADLs) is a term used in healthcare to refer to daily self-care activities within an individual’s place of residence, in outdoor environments, or both. … Continue reading