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room to heal

room to heal

  I was asked to write something for the I Am Not Kelli Stapleton flash blog. The purpose of the flash blog is to stand together in support of the premise that disabled lives matter. And so I wrote. I cried as I typed. I hated what I’d written. I began again. And then yet … Continue reading


Years ago, a colleague of mine told me that I was the least judgmental person she’d ever met. I laughed. Hard. I told her that she really needed to get out more. She said, “No, really. You are.” I secretly took pride in her words. I have spent a lifetime trying not to judge others. … Continue reading

the mama gut

Editor’s note: While I use the term “Mama gut” throughout this post, I think it can be much more broadly applied than its specificity implies. We all have that little voice that tells us when something doesn’t feel right. Dads, teachers, grandmas, doctors, therapists, children — we all have it. And if it weren’t for … Continue reading