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special globe, usa today, and my daughter

special globe, usa today, and my daughter

    {image is a photo of Katie and Brooke wheeling their bags through the Orlando airport last year.} At the end of January, I was contacted by a travel reporter. He was planning to write a feature in USA Today highlighting Special Globe, an up and coming travel service for families including children with … Continue reading

like coming home

~ To our friends at Jet Blue — well, you guys warrant a post of your own. It will come soon; I promise. Because the autism community needs to know who our people are. And you, my friends, are our people. ~ From yesterday’s post ~ Security was hell. It just was. We’d been at … Continue reading

thank you

. Brooke with her friends, Dora, Diego and Mr Shawn ~ Dear Nick Hotel staff, Sometimes words aren’t big enough. This is one of those times. You welcomed me and my girl with open arms. You reveled in her excitement (and mine for her). You treated her like royalty. You understood just how much it … Continue reading

why jet blue rocks, by me

~ All, I wrote the following post yesterday before the HuffPo piece came out. I still want to post it today, because, well, it’s kind of awesome (not the writing, the story), but I just have to take a moment first to tell you something. Come close, would ya? This is big. I have been … Continue reading

time flies

  ~ On Christmas Day, Brooke read the following, which, as you might remember from THIS, did not surprise her in the least … * Dear Brooke, On January 9th, you and your mama are going to fly on to go visit and her friends at their home in the   We sure hope you … Continue reading

the mother of all surprises — or not

It was going to be the Mother Of All Surprises. The greatest present since the day that Katie turned three and we woke her on her birthday, bags packed, plane tickets in hand and said, “Hey, do you want to go see Cinderella?” Yup, it was going to be THAT big. Bigger even. Because if … Continue reading

thanks for flying jet blue (the reprise)

From Thanks for Flying Jet Blue, Diary, April 1, 2010, the day after Brooke’s seventh birthday: – It must have been three years ago. Or maybe it was four. I think we were flying down to Florida, but I’m not entirely sure. You see, unlike my daughter, I forget details over time. A passenger on … Continue reading