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unwrapping the gifts

It is October of 2008. I am sitting across the table from John Robison, having dinner. It is the first time we have met. He is speaking about the “gifts” of autism. He is telling me that he knows that with “little ones like [mine] it can be hard to spot the gifts, unlike it … Continue reading

in the open

It’s a metaphor * I need to come back to this. I don’t want to, but I feel like I have to. For two reasons. One is that I fear I may have left you with the wrong message – that I don’t think that we should be discussing issues surrounding autism and sexuality publicly, which is not the case. … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from ~ The Professor, The Dean And The Revolution. ~ Diary, October, 2011 * * Diary of a Mom’s Facebook Status, October 9 at 9:08am I just had the honor of connecting two people – a liberal arts college professor who is working on creating a comprehensive system of support for … Continue reading

be different

** “Individuals are labeled different, geeky, abnormal or even Aspergian or Autistic at a young age. Among other things, these labels suggest that the people around them – their friends, family, teachers and counselors – can’t relate to their actions and expressions. That’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean that those actions aren’t motivated by legitimate … Continue reading

autism speaks – and listens

** Some time ago, I was seated next to Mark Roithmayr, the president of Autism Speaks at an event at which I’d been asked to speak. It was only the second time I’d ever met him, but he greeted me as though we’d known each other for years. As the evening’s emcee made his way … Continue reading