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and never is a load of crap

and never is a load of crap

When we got home from Brooke’s chorus concert last night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page: Brooke’s friend, Becky, who is not in the choir, came to the school tonight to see Brooke sing. Becky, like Brooke, is autistic. Sitting through an hour-and-a-half-long band and chorus concert is not an easy feat. But she … Continue reading

shared enjoyment

Nantucket, 2012   It’s Sunday afternoon. Desperate to escape the heat, we venture out to the Rainforest Cafe for a late lunch. After we eat, the girls and I wander around the gift shop. Katie immediately points to something. “Mama!” she shouts, “check this out!” As I turn to look at what she wants to … Continue reading

mom, watch this! on huffpo

* My post today is over at the Huffington Post. Since we had so much fun at the pool together yesterday, I figured we might at well head back there again. I hope you won’t mind joining me on a short trip .. ~ April, 2011 .. The girls and I are on vacation in … Continue reading

weekend in pictures – part one and a half

Fire house pictures are next; I promise. But I really, really wanted to share this next group of shots first. They may not look like much to the casual observer, but I know full well there ain’t a casual observer among us in this crowd, so I trust you’ll understand my enthusiasm. While the various … Continue reading


* * I had planned to post today. I began to write a post, in fact. I sat down on the sofa next to Brooke, who was happily watching Elmo’s World. I opened my laptop and began typing. And then my girl pulled my hand off my keyboard. And put it on her knee. And … Continue reading

them elephants

* In the car last week: Brooke, excitedly: Katie, look! There’s them elephants! My heart fills with pride. I will never, ever tire of hearing my girl say, “Look!” No, it took too long to get here to be taken for granted.  Katie, confused: What elephants, Brooke? I don’t see any elephants. Brooke: Pretend! And pretending! … Continue reading

mom, watch this

Ed note: The girls and I are on vacation.  I posted a story from Day Two on Hopeful Parents over the weekend, but didn’t manage to link to it here. The story was a tough one to write and a nearly impossible one to live. The story that follows, however, is from Day Three – … Continue reading