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what is it like?

Driving on Sunday … Me: Ooh, that’s a pretty color, isn’t it Brooke? Brooke: Yellow! Me: Hmm, that’s funny, I thought it was kind of orange. Brooke: It’s yellow! Me: You know what? We had different perceptions of it. Do you know what that means? Her: What? Me: It means that we’re looking at the … Continue reading

expression is not existence revisited

Have you seen this? Scientific American: The Right Incentive Can Erase an Autism Deficit It’s a little dusty now, but it’s gotten much less press than I’d have expected – or hoped. The Sally-Anne test has been in desperate need of an overhaul, or at the very least a broadly recognized critical rebuttal for years. While … Continue reading


The Wilson gang plus one Oh, the things I’ve been wanting to tell you … They’ve been piling up. Electronic notes on that lined yellow papery looking app-y thingy on my iPhone. Scraps. Thoughts. Stories. The piles get too high. Like Kate! Oh my gosh, I’ve been wanting to tell you about Kate. About the … Continue reading