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proud mama

proud mama

  {image is a photo of Katie ice skating just before her guests arrived yesterday} There are so many posts that I can’t write. So many stories that just aren’t mine to tell. Especially Katie’s, as they become more and more intertwined with her friends’ lives, with their stories. But I want to shout from the … Continue reading

of leaky eyes and privacy

– Ed note: Before I write anything this morning, I have to acknowledge your incredible comments on yesterday’s post. As I wrote on Diary’s Facebook page,  I don’t have the words to thank you all for your support today. (And I always have words.) But I’ve got nothing big enough, broad enough, deep enough to … Continue reading

age twelve in three pictures

* I have so much to say about this child. I could talk for days about how much I love her. About how proud I am to be her mama. About how blessed I feel to be able to watch her grow and change — to see her, in her own unique way, taking the … Continue reading

well played

* The following is in keeping with a promise that I made on the day that I became a mother. With my newborn baby in my arms, I agreed that when the time came, I would tell my dad every last detail of stories like this one. Because, as he said “I deserve that, Jessie.” … Continue reading

the juicy season

* *hurdling * So that was last night. Katie apparently missed the staff at the hospital and felt that it was time to say hi. She’s good like that. Doesn’t like to let too much time go by between visits. Not to worry, the concussion is mild and, although she feels pretty awful, she is … Continue reading


* EDITOR’S NOTE: PLEASE NOTE, THE BAKE SALE IS NOW CLOSED. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION DIRECTLY TO THE GOWEN FAMILY AT Luck2Tuck, c/o Webster Bank, 100 Main St. North, Southbury, CT 06488. THANK YOU! What follows was, as you will quickly see, written by a very special guest. One who likes big letters and bold … Continue reading


– Katie at her birthday party this weekend * Oh my sweet girl. When on earth did this happen? I know They said it would, but it’s never real until you see it for yourself. Because when you’re young, you don’t think about Time. Time of day; time of the year; time of your life, … Continue reading