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the light creeping in

“Look, Mama!” I follow the little arm to the very end of an outstretched finger. I look into the distance to see what she is pointing at. “What do you see, baby girl?” I am nearly breathless. “I see the blue house.” I can barely contain myself. “I see it too, Brooke! Yes! The house … Continue reading

color commentary

{image is a slightly blurry photo of Brooke from the other night. She has just wrapped up a Godspell script while roller blading in my room, as you do.} Okay, so this is one of those moments when I am dying to write because Oh my God, I soooooo have something I want to tell … Continue reading

words fail

Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you. – Natsuki Takaya I don’t know how to sufficiently explain it. I know that for many parents, the daily grind of school-drop off and pick up is mind-numbing at best and a minefield of combustible social interactions at worst. … Continue reading

shuddup and trouble

– Please note: I’m VERY short on time this morning, so the following is unedited and lacking links that I’d normally take the time to put in. Good luck.  Saturday morning Yesterday afternoon * The hard part of yesterday has nothing to do with the theme of this post, nor what I really came here … Continue reading

stop the presses

Ed note: The post that I had planned for today has been preempted. Why? Because I have an overwhelming need to shout this from the highest rooftop I can find. I’d apologize for repeating myself, but, well, I try to keep it honest around here and the truth of the matter is … I’m not … Continue reading

kandinsky revisited – all at the same time

“Oh, this is a Kandinsky!” “A double – one painted on either side.” “May I see?” “Yes, of course.” “Extraordinary.” “What makes it exceptional is that Kandinsky painted on either side of the canvas in two radically different styles. One wild and vivid, the other somber and geometric.” “My God!” “We flip it around for … Continue reading


* Okay, so I had planned to write about Nantucket today. About how excited I am for the trip tomorrow and blah, blah and blah. Actually, I DID write about it. But it’s going to stay put for now, nice and comfy cozy in my drafts folder. The reason that I’m not posting what I … Continue reading


Yesterday * Spring, 1993 I am lying on Tar Beach, a precariously angled little spit of roof outside my friend, Heather’s dorm room. As soon as the weather cooperated, the girls began climbing through the window with four-packs of cold Zima’s and a boom box — all we needed to sit and watch the world … Continue reading


  *  One by one, she pulled the horses out of the box. She laid them carefully on the floor next to it, then immediately began the process of putting them back in. I sat with her. I didn’t speak. I watched. One big horse. One little one. One big horse. One little one. And … Continue reading

the whole story

. ~ Diary’s Facebook status, yesterday afternoon (ed note: the 2nd ‘qualitative’ should have read ‘quantitative’ – that’s what I get for typing on my phone) * “Way to prove those tests wrong, Brooke!” “Those doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.” “Those scales mean nothing! The only comparison that matters is Brooke to Brooke!” … Continue reading