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in the open

It’s a metaphor * I need to come back to this. I don’t want to, but I feel like I have to. For two reasons. One is that I fear I may have left you with the wrong message – that I don’t think that we should be discussing issues surrounding autism and sexuality publicly, which is not the case. … Continue reading

a losing game

. I tell her the Buddhist parable of the mustard seed – the one that my dear friend Judith shared with me so long ago now. The story of the woman who has lost her son – who believes that she is completely alone in her grief. The story in which the Buddha commands her … Continue reading

the hearing

~ C-Span’s Coverage Of Yesterday’s Congressional Hearing On The Federal Response To The Rising Rates Of Autism . “It’s an ethical mistake whenever we sacrifice the possible in the name of the probable. As national nonprofits, like government so far, we too have failed to lead. Our centrists have frequently been too hesitant, but more … Continue reading